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I want to start this new journey with you! That’s right! This is DAY ONE with our new addition and first ever tripod kitty!  Wish me luck!
First, let me give you the backstory of how this came to be.  My baby Twitch or Old Man as a nickname went into congestive heart failure back in June. He passed peacefully a few weeks ago, but he lived happily until then 😭. I miss him dearly, but we had 8 wonderful years together.


This is important because through this, I met an amazing Vet Tech who became a dear friend. Like anyone else, I sent her a friend request on Facebook and read the About Me section. It was there I found that she volunteers and fosters for a local pet shelter. I went to fb site of the shelter, and there it was. I saw this tiny kitten with a broken leg. Next, the post surgery pictures came. This baby’s front leg was missing. She also had stitches inside her lip.
As I read the plea for financial help, I called and donated right then and there.  I learned that she was hit by a car.  Her leg was shattered. The skin from her bottom jaw had been “degloved” or basically ripped back. That explained the stitches in the mouth and why she looked different (but in the cutest way!)…
A few days prior to this, my Vet Tech friend was telling me a simular story about her new foster.   I sent the post to her and asked was this the same one.  It was!  I then found out her name was Petunia.
I filled out the application to adopt this baby the very night I first met her.  It was almost two weeks after her accident.  I was nervous though!  I went to her post op visit and today’s visit (Spay and shots).  I was surprised to find out the night before that today she would be mine. 💕
The Veterinarian called her kickstand. That will fuuuuurrrrreeeeevvvvveeeerr be her nickname!  So, with My Little Kickstand in tow, we rode off into the sunset.  She slept most of it.  My next challenge, introducing her to Bob
Bob is my yellow tabby with a bobtail.  Creative on the name, I know.  He was grieving the loss of his best pal still, but when he met Petunia, he was a changed kitty!  I didn’t let them be together for two long, but it was long enough to know that they were going to be buddies.
Now, she is in the bathroom with limited space to keep movement to a minimum while she heals looking through the bottom crack of the door. On the other side…you guessed it…Bob.
I believe she was placed in our lives to share and find a new love from the loss of our baby.  I would like to think that Old Man is over the Rainbow Bridge smiling down at his new little sister.
Now, with that small teary section out of the way, I want to know your experiences with kickstands and tripods! Are there things that I need to watch out for? Health problems later in life? Petunia knows no boundaries, and this is only day one!

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